Running MATLAB remotely

Here are some steps for running MATLAB from home:

  1. Go to and login with your career account login and password.
  2. Click the MATLAB icon. A dialog box will appear. Click "OK."
  3. You should now be running MATLAB. Try typing "pplane6" or "dfield6" -- they won't work. You'll need to download the m-files for these programs and include them in your path.
  4. To make dfield and pplane work, download pplane6.m and dfield6.m from into a directory on your home drive.
  5. In MATLAB, use the "Set Path ..." command to include that directory in your path. It will interrupt and ask you what kind of access you want to give the server. Click on "Full access" and continue.
  6. Just close the "Set path ..." window. (You won't be able to save your path for later.)
  7. Dfield6 and pplane6 should now work.